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Additions / Pop Tops

Custom Home Additions and Pop Top Additions

Home Additions

In most cases adding a room or an addition to your house should not be too difficult assuming you have the space to do so on your lot. Of course, you should always consult with a design-build contractor with a proven track record of experience, like CWC construction before jumping into the project yourself. Because of the many things to consider during the building process, experience can go a long way in ensuring you are not wasting your money.


CWC Construction has a long track record of exceeding our client's expectations when it comes to additions, pop top additions, custom remodeling, and building ADUs. We value quality communication with our clients, working with the property owner throughout the entire project to ensure good communication and the highest quality finished product.

Some Considerations When Building an Addition:

  • Inspecting the foundation to ensure it can handle the addition in mind
  • The electrical system should be inspected for the additional capacity needed
  • A/C units and furnace will also be checked for added capacity
  • We will have the property surveyed to ensure no sewer/water lines will need to be moved
  • We will help you look into code and permit requirements
  • Ensuring the finished addition will not be too close to your neighbor's property line

Our expert team will help with all of the above inspections and make recommendations accordingly to ensure your project stays on time and on budget. These considerations and potential recommendations should be addressed prior to moving forward with any addition ensuring you're getting the value you deserve from the project.

What if you do not have room to expand your property horizontally within your property lines?

Pop Top Additions

In many cases building upward is your best bet to create more space in your home. In this case, we always recommend looking at a pop top addition if you already love your home and your neighborhood but still require more space. Whether you need a new office or have a growing family don't let horizontal building limits hold you back, CWC Construction can help.

Pop Top addition

Regardless of the age of your home, once we ensure that the home has good bones and a solid foundation CWC Construction can help you find the perfect solution. One of our primary specialties is pop top additions in the Denver and Boulder areas, with over a decade of experience in the area we can help you create the addition of your dreams.

A second story can be added to your home for many reasons. It may be due to the size of the lot, the location of the house on the lot, or structural limitations. Maybe you have custom landscaping around the house and you don't want to lose all the work put into creating it.

Or maybe you like the idea of a second story because you will have a better view of the city or the flatirons. A second story can be added cost-effectively and efficiently using a pop top addition.

The pop top will be seamlessly integrated into your main floor on both the inside and the outside. Aesthetically, we take great strides to ensure the pop top addition will match the siding, trim, and color of the original house. Call us for your free consultation today!