Construction Delivery Methods

CWC Construction is a full service contracting company performing Denver additions, full home remodels, pop tops and so much more.  Providing professional design and engineering services for any size project.

At CWC Construction, we have adopted a philosophy that encourages the TEAM Relationship in all of our projects. This includes the Owner, Architect and Engineers, and ultimately our subcontractors. For a TEAM to perform well together there are some fundamentals we believe in:


This is the most common project delivery method. The project is already designed and ready to be competitively bid and built according to the design.

If your project is ready to build, CWC Construction would be happy to submit a bid for your consideration. If your project is at the bid stage, and CWC Construction is successful in being awarded a contract, we feel we can offer value engineering reviews that we know from experience often produce cost savings before we actually begin building.

Construction Management:

This method has multiple forms but all have a similar focus, that being to overlap the design and construction phases. The owner contracts separately with a designer and a contractor/construction manager (CM).

The CM is involved with the development of the design and can have significant input relative to budgets, schedules, and constructability. CWC Construction incorporates elements of our Pre-Construction services listed below into every project where we are selected to be the CM. Read more…


This is a method where the owner contracts with a single entity to both perform design and construction under a single design-build contract. Contractually, design-build not only offers the owner a single point of responsibility for design and construction services but can also contain guarantees that the project will perform to the owner’s expectations.

CWC Construction includes design-build subcontractors for special categories like mechanical and electrical.  We are responsible for all of the design and will submit and coordinate the permit process.

Most of the design-build projects we engage in are smaller in scope and complexity and have owners who are not as accustomed to the normal relationships with architects and engineers under the design-bid-build method.